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QUIZZ sportif : QUI SUIS-JE ?
Vice-champion du monde au grand tremplin par équipes en 2013 (2eme au petit tremplin par équipes mixtes en 2013 ; 3eme au petit tremplin par équipes  en 2011 ; 4eme au grand tremplin par équipes en 2011 et au petit tremplin en 2013). Champion du monde de vol à skis en 2014 (4eme en 2012) et 2eme par équipes en 2012. Champion olympique par équipes et 4eme au grand tremplin en 2014. Il compte 9 victoires en Coupe du monde (16 autres podiums ; 3eme au classement final en 2014 et 4eme en 2013). Champion du monde par équipes chez les juniors en 2008.
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Ski saut - tommy ingebrigtsen

Ski saut - Lexique Anglais/Anglais - Article du : 24/10/2009

Distance Points
Points awarded for distance that are measured from the edge of the take-off to the athlete’s landing point on the slope. Distance points are measured in increments of 0.5 metres.

The name of the approach ramp the skier travels down to build speed heading into the jump.

Judges Tower
The building next to the jumps that houses the competition jury who manage the competition. It also houses the five style judges, and the video distance operators and scoring officials.

It is the distance from the takeoff that is equal to the height of the hill. Judges reference this line to determine the amount of distance points awarded to a jump.

Large Hill
The larger of the two Olympic ski jumps. At Whistler Olympic Park, skiers can jump a distance of up to 140 metres from the large hill.

Normal Hill

The smaller hill of the two Olympic ski jumps. At Whistler Olympic Park, skiers can jump a distance of up to 106 metres from the normal hill.

The flat area past the steep landing section where the athletes slow down and stop.

The point of the jump, at the end of the ramp, in which the athlete extends his/her upper body forward over his skis with an explosive motion. The take-off is the most critical point of the jump involving technically refined movement with perfect timing.

V-Position or V-Style
The position skiers adopt during flight in which the tails of the skis are brought together and the tips are spread apart to resemble a V formation.

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